revelation benner

The Book of Revelation and its Imageries

This is a digital humanity project based on the book of revelation from the new testament. It is developed by Jenn Stampfel and Sebastien (Yixiang) Xu

The main interest in developnig this project includes, but is not limited to, exploring the imageries, numbers and characters in the book of revelation. One of our main objectives is to provide a digitalized version of the text in xml with extensive markup and make it available for further exploration on this site. We also would like to provide examples of what we would like to do with the data we generate in this project.

There are a few research questions that we have had since the initial development stage of this project. One of them is to attempt to find out if there's any pattern of imageries in the text. For this purpose, we categorized two main types of imageries, the holy imageries and the demonic imageries. We hope to be able to show how these imageries are related to the text and how they effect the interpretations of the text.