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The Book of Revelation and its Imageries


The Book of Revelation, which is the last book of the Christian New Testament, is an intriguing text full of angelic and demonic images. While scholarly and theological interpretations vary, there are certain aspects that are more definitive. The text we know as the Book of Revelation was composed by an author named John, or John of Patmos. Although who wrote the text may be a bit less controversial, the date is still widely disputed among scholars. Some scholars date the composition to be around the rule of the Roman Caesar Nero, during the mid 60s A.D., yet others argue for a later date around 95 or 96 A.D. Although there are many more proposed dates, these two possibilities are the most accepted by scholars. As scholars and devote Christians a like attempt to interpret the deeper meaning of this text, the primary goal of our project is to analyze the frequency of certain data within the text. This analysis consists of two aspects: first, the data analysis of imagery frequency, and second, the analysis of number reoccurrences that appear throughout the narrative. By collecting and organizing this data into two tables/graphs we were able to determine what image and number frequencies appear in what chapters the most often. This output is valuable for our project because it helps us better answer our research questions: what important point is the author of this text attempting to convey to his audience? Are there any patterns noticed in this text, that the author may want the audience to be aware of? And finally in correlation with the previous question, what imageries and numbers tend to have high frequency appearances in the text? These tools can be explored by anyone who wishes to navigate through this dense material. We have created two interactive tables/graphs: one for images and one for numbers, in which best articulate the thesis of our project. Each table/graph is composed of interactive tools that can be navigated with ease and efficiency. Please feel free to explore the material that we have collected using these tables/graphs, and take a look through the text itself. We sincerely hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any questions, comments or issues please feel free to contact either of us via our contact page. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!